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Cloud Kitchens: Interview with Joseph Shumaker of Foodspace – Cambro Eats Episode 25

Foodspace logoCloud kitchens. Ghost kitchens. Virtual kitchens. 

Whatever you call them, they’re a hot topic. If the general public wan’t that aware of them prior to coronavirus, they certainly are now – with major brands like Chuck E. Cheese, Cracker Barrel, and Bloomin’ Brands all getting into the virtual space to keep growing.

Joseph Shumaker - Foodspace

Joseph Shumaker

In this episode of Cambro Eats, we talk to Joseph Shumaker – founder of Foodspace, a Silicon Valley-based company that designs and manages the food and beverage operations for a variety of clients – from high tech companies to sports venues.

Topics covered in this show:

  • Future of Virtual Kitchens
  • Who Owns Delivery: Battle of the Apps
  • Supermarkets vs. Restaurants

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Guest: Joseph Shumaker

Host: Felix Bazgan

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