Interview with Kix Nystrom – Cambro Eats Episode 34

Kix Nystrom

On this episode of Cambro Eats, I had the pleasure of interviewing Chef Kix Nystrom.

Chef Kix is the Senior VP of Kitchen Operations at The Cheesecake Factory. And quite unusual in the world of foodservice is the fact that he’s been with The Cheesecake Factory for over 30 years! Chef Kix has been with The Cheesecake Factory since their 5th store opening and over that time has seen the company grow to over 300 global locations and several new concepts.

In this inteview Chef talks about getting started in foodservice at an early age and finding his way to The Cheesecake Factory.

Cambro has had a great relationship with him and the entire team at The Cheesecake Factory for many years.

Fun fact: Cambro Camshelving Premium Series was first put into test at The Cheesecake Factory in Marina Del Ray, Calif. over 20 years ago and it’s still there!

Enjoy the show!


Guest: Kix Nystrom

Host: Felix Bazgan

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Bracken’s Kitchen: Interview with Bill Bracken – Cambro Eats Episode 32

Bracken's kichenOn this episode of Cambro Eats, we talk to Chef Bill Bracken, founder of Bracken’s Kitchen. Bracken’s Kitchen is a 501(c)(3) organization based in Orange County California. Through food rescue, culinary training and their community feeding program they are committed to rescuing, re-purposing and restoring both food and lives.

Through our Cambro Cares initiative we’ve had the chance to volunteer and help out at Bracken’s Kitchen.

Bracken’s Kitchen will make and serve almost 2 million meals in 2021. That is an overwhelming number since Bill started the organization just in 2013.

In this interview, Chef Bill discusses his background, the idea for Bracken’s Kitchen and the continuing need for their work in the community.

Enjoy the show.

Guest: Chef Bill Bracken

Host: Felix Bazgan

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Stuf’d Catering Truck: Interview with John Locasio – Cambro Eats Episode 31

Stufd Podcast - Cambro Eats

On this episode of Cambro Eats, we talk to Chef John Locascio, co-founder and co-owner of Stuf’d Catering Truck in New York City.

Some of the topics we dive into with Chef John are the idea and pursuit of starting the business, growth, pandemic challenges, and future outlook.

Check out some of these awesome food pics and listen to the show!

Enjoy the interview and connect with John and Stuf’d Catering Truck on social:

Guest: Chef John Locascio

Host: Felix Bazgan

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The Camtray: Cambro’s First Product – Interview with Argyle Cambro – Episode 30

2021 is Cambro’s 70th anniversary. In 70 years, the company has grown from 1 product to 14,000+ products. The first Cambro product was the Camtray. In this episode we talk to Argyle Campbell, the owner of Cambro, about the development of the first product and how far it has come in 70 years. Cambro is now the largest manufacturer of trays in the world with a wide variety of options, colors, sizes, and uses.

Older Camtrays:


Newer Camtrays:

Enjoy the interview and connect with Cambro on social:

Guest: Argyle Campbell

Host: Felix Bazgan

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Hedley&Bennett: Interview with Ellen Marie Bennett – Cambro Eats Episode 29

Ellen Marie BennettIn this episode of Cambro Eats, we talk to Ellen Marie Bennett. One of the great things about the foodservice community is how entrepreneurial it is and it is inspiring to talk to many of them. Ellen started her business, Hedley&Bennett, while working at a restaurant. As with many entrepreneurs she saw a common issue that no one else was addressing and decided to jump in. With the determination she made Hedley&Bennett the premiere name in restaurant-quality aprons.

The Hedley&Bennett brand is the favorite of industry pros, and many celebrity chefs like Martha Stewart, Alton Brown, Roy Choi. The company manufacturers in downtown Los Angeles. Ellen is passionate about helping people with business-ideas to make the leap into making those ideas reality – she has a book called Dream First, Details Later launching in April 2021.

During the pandemic, Hedley&Bennett donated 500,000 masks to front line workers, hospitals, restaurants and charities.

Enjoy the interview and connect with Ellen and Hedley&Bennett on social:

Guest: Ellen Marie Bennett

Host: Felix Bazgan

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Manny’s Deli: Interview with Dan Raskin – Cambro Eats Episode 28

In this episode of Cambro Eats, we talk to Dan Raskin, co-0wner of Manny’s Deli in Chicago. Dan is a 4th generation owner of this old-school, pick-a-tray (Cambro Camtray) and walk through the cafeteria-style line and load up on their corned beef hash, stuffed cabbage, beef pastrami, reuben, or any other item that keep bringing people back to this Chicago landmark.

A lot has changed since 1942 but Manny’s keeps serving up the favorites that have made it part of the fabric of Chicago.

During coronavirus, being a traditional cafeteria-style operation with capacity for 300 was something that they needed to adapt to changing regulations and remote work. Being in a downtown-Chicago location and so many people working remotely, it meant a lot of empty offices and a big hit to the lunch business. Dan moved to add suburban delivery expansion quickly to keep the business going.

In summer of 2020, Dan reached out to Barstool Sports and Dave Portnoy and immediately received a response – take a look:

Guest: Dan Raskin

Host: Felix Bazgan

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Groark Boys BBQ: Interview with Matt Groark – Cambro Eats Episode 27

Matt GroarkIn this episode of Cambro Eats, we talk to Matt Groark of GroarkBoysBBQ.

Matt is a school teacher and he also does BBQ catering. He has found a lot of success on social media including Instagram and TikTok.

Listening to the interview you’ll see Matt’s love of BBQ and authentic approach to how he communicates to a massive audience is what keeps people connecting and interacting with him.

Check out some of the posts from his Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Guest: Matt Groark

Host: Felix Bazgan

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Heritage BBQ: Interview with Daniel Castillo – Cambro Eats Episode 26

Heritage BBQ logoTexas Trinity at Heritage BBQ: Brisket, Ribs and Sausage

Heritage BBQ has been in business less than one year and it is already garnering nationwide attention. Based in San Juan Capistrano, it is California’s first offset smoking pop-up to become a standalone restaurant.

If you’re not familiar with Central Texas Style BBQ or off-set smokers, listen to the interview and hear why owner, Daniel Castillo, was determined get the smokers approved and open for business.

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Guest: Daniel Castillo

Host: Felix Bazgan

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Cloud Kitchens: Interview with Joseph Shumaker of Foodspace – Cambro Eats Episode 25

Foodspace logoCloud kitchens. Ghost kitchens. Virtual kitchens. 

Whatever you call them, they’re a hot topic. If the general public wan’t that aware of them prior to coronavirus, they certainly are now – with major brands like Chuck E. Cheese, Cracker Barrel, and Bloomin’ Brands all getting into the virtual space to keep growing.

Joseph Shumaker - Foodspace

Joseph Shumaker

In this episode of Cambro Eats, we talk to Joseph Shumaker – founder of Foodspace, a Silicon Valley-based company that designs and manages the food and beverage operations for a variety of clients – from high tech companies to sports venues.

Topics covered in this show:

  • Future of Virtual Kitchens
  • Who Owns Delivery: Battle of the Apps
  • Supermarkets vs. Restaurants

Please listen to the interview and check out the links below to connect.

Guest: Joseph Shumaker

Host: Felix Bazgan

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Episode 24 Interview with Sir Bruno Serato from Anaheim White House and Caterina’s Club

In this episode we bring you an interview with Chef Bruno Serato. Chef Bruno is the owner of the historic Anaheim White House restaurant but what really has made him known around the world is the non-profit organization he founded – Caterina’s Club. Named after his mother, this organization serves 5,000 warm meals to underprivileged kids every single night. Caterina’s Club has expanded to 90 sites in 30 cities.

Sir Bruno SeratoThis interview was conducted before the coronavirus pandemic and I’m sure you can imagine the demand for Chef Bruno’s non-profit work has been in great demand, not just by underprivileged kids but the larger local community. Since the pandemic has hit Orange County, Chef Bruno’s charity has served 1 million meals. That is very impressive.

The White House restaurant has a great vibe and it was really great getting a tour of this historic place by Chef Bruno. One last thing to point out, if you google Bruno Serato, you’re likely to see Sir Bruno listed – that’s because he’s made such an impact that he’s been knighted by the Italian government.

Please listen to the interview and check out the links below to connect.

Guest: Sir Bruno Serato

Host: Felix Bazgan

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