Manny’s Deli: Interview with Dan Raskin – Cambro Eats Episode 28

In this episode of Cambro Eats, we talk to Dan Raskin, co-0wner of Manny’s Deli in Chicago. Dan is a 4th generation owner of this old-school, pick-a-tray (Cambro Camtray) and walk through the cafeteria-style line and load up on their corned beef hash, stuffed cabbage, beef pastrami, reuben, or any other item that keep bringing people back to this Chicago landmark.

A lot has changed since 1942 but Manny’s keeps serving up the favorites that have made it part of the fabric of Chicago.

During coronavirus, being a traditional cafeteria-style operation with capacity for 300 was something that they needed to adapt to changing regulations and remote work. Being in a downtown-Chicago location and so many people working remotely, it meant a lot of empty offices and a big hit to the lunch business. Dan moved to add suburban delivery expansion quickly to keep the business going.

In summer of 2020, Dan reached out to Barstool Sports and Dave Portnoy and immediately received a response – take a look:

Guest: Dan Raskin

Host: Felix Bazgan

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