Interview with TILIT Founders: Jenny Goodman and Alex McCrery – Cambro Eats – Episode 39

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Join us on Cambro Eats for an exclusive glimpse into the story of Tilit, a brand that has been revolutionizing chef wear since its inception. In this episode, our host Felix Bazgan engages with Tilit’s founders, Alex McCrery and Jenny Goodman, to uncover the roots, evolution, and exciting collaborations of this dynamic brand.

Origin Story: Commander’s Palace to Tilit Tilit’s journey began at Commander’s Palace Restaurant in New Orleans, where Alex and Jenny’s paths first crossed. Their combined experience in the hospitality industry led to a shared vision: creating chef wear that paralleled the pride and professionalism of culinary arts.

The Big Apple Beckons Their transition to New York, with Jenny moving in 2004 and Alex following a year later, set the stage for Tilit’s birth. Post-Hurricane Katrina, New York became the launching pad for their innovative venture.

The Essence of Tilit Starting with a modest range of garments, Tilit has grown to offer a diverse product line, including pants, shirts, aprons, and more. Integral to their process is a strong emphasis on customer feedback, ensuring their offerings meet the rigorous demands of culinary professionals.

Collaborations and Innovations Throughout its growth, Tilit has engaged in various collaborations, continuously pushing the boundaries of culinary fashion. A notable mention is their partnership with Cambro, where a unique product idea was brought to life, highlighting Tilit’s innovative spirit and dedication to practical, stylish solutions for chefs.

Future Endeavors and Continued Growth Looking forward, Tilit aims to maintain its focus on high-quality, specialized products. Upcoming launches and collaborations are set to further cement their position as leaders in culinary fashion, with partnerships like the one with Cambro underscoring their commitment to industry-relevant innovation.

Guest: Jenny Goodman and Alex McCrery

Host: Felix Bazgan

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