Interview with Cara Wade [Butterface Lunchlady – TikTok] – Cambro Eats Episode 36

In this episode, Cara Wade, a kitchen director at a K-12 facility and TikTok star known as ButterFace Lunch lady. Cara talks about her journey into the food service industry, from wanting to be a restaurant manager to eventually majoring in hospitality business management and getting industry experience. She also shares her experience working for a nonprofit running a coffee shop and bakery in Thailand. Cara explains that she started sharing content on TikTok because she loves food and loves what she does. She had plans to open a food cart before COVID-19 hit, and had already designed the Butter Face logo, which became the face of her TikTok account. The name “Butter Face” was a funny play on words, given that the food cart was going to be low-carb or keto-focused and involve a lot of heavy fat content.

The name certainly is eye-catching!

At school, she currently provides meals for 500 students. She shares the challenges and the fun of sharing her day to day activities with such a wide audience.

When asked “What are some of the misconceptions or things that that the public may not know about school food service that you wish they knew a little bit more about?” she replied:

“I think the biggest thing that people you know especially in my interactions with people in the TikTok comments and all that people don’t seem to understand the implications of how much, how big, how many less quantity of stuff we’re doing. And people have just they just do this. Why don’t you just do that and like there is no just doing anything 500 times. And I know, especially for public schools, that their hands are tied a lot and your lunch staff cares about your kids. And if something is not the way you would want it to be, I guarantee it’s not because that staff in the kitchen didn’t care about it.”

Enjoy the episode and check out Cara on TikTok.

Guest: Cara Wade

Host: Felix Bazgan

Cara Wade TikTok

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